New Menu&EOR patches!

We have released an early version of the 2015 EOR screen and Menu. Some of this is still WIP such as the EOR screen but everything that is already there is very functional and works fine. There's also some amazing map changes to Heatted Headdown and some behind the scenes HUD changes for stuff that is to come in the future.

- Added "Information" tab to the menu
- Added "Treasure Chest" tab back to the menu (Treasure chests themselves are not functional yet)
- Added "Workbench" tab back to the menu (Workbench itself is not functional yet and will only be static)
- Fixed some cursor stuff with the 2015 menu currently used
- Fixed mission strings being undefined on the menu and on the EOR screen
- Changed the menu BG to the sunset Seaside Skirmish one (Will be changed for Halloween soon)
- Fixed the window background not appearing on the 2015 EOR screen when hovering over other users
- Fixed the play button not appearing on the 2015 EOR screen
- Heatted Headdown now has 1 flag by default for both factions and both factions spawn closer
- Heatted Headdown was changed to be a day map instead of night

Known issues

- The local player/you doesn't have an outline yet on the EOR screen
- The mugshots don't load yet on the EOR screen
- The minimap on Heatted Headdown is still the night version (Will be fixed in a small patch likely later this week)

If you find any more issues after the current update please let us know on discord I hope everyone enjoys this update and is looking forward to the next one.