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Commandant Heinrich von Schnitzel:

Heroes patch 12/10/2023...

New Menu&EOR patches!

We have released an early version of the 2015 EOR screen and Menu. Some of this is still WIP such as the EOR screen but everything that is already there is very functional and works fine. There's also some amazing map changes to Heatted Headdown and some behind the scenes HUD changes for stuff that is to come in the future.

- Added "Information" tab to the menu
- Added "Treasure Chest" tab back to the menu (Treasure chests themselves are not functional yet)
- Added "Workbench" tab back to the menu (Workbench itself is not functional yet and will only be static)
- Fixed some cursor stuff with the 2015 menu currently used
- Fixed mission strings being undefined on the menu and on the EOR screen
- Changed the menu BG to the sunset Seaside Skirmish one (Will be changed for Halloween soon)
- Fixed the window background not appearing on the 2015 EOR screen when hovering over other users
- Fixed the play button not appearing on the 2015 EOR screen
- Heatted Headdown now has 1 flag by default for both factions and both factions spawn closer
- Heatted Headdown was changed to be a day map instead of night

Known issues

- The local player/you doesn't have an outline yet on the EOR screen
- The mugshots don't load yet on the EOR screen
- The minimap on Heatted Headdown is still the night version (Will be fixed in a small patch likely later this week)

If you find any more issues after the current update please let us know on discord discord.gg/wwbCQqXr9w. I hope everyone enjoys this update and is looking forward to the next one.

Heroes patch 26/09/2023...

Another update!

This update patch is for the map "Rusty Railroad" , the second flag "Station" was previously not used a lot the new car spawns should help with that. If you find any issues on the map make sure to let me know in the chats another update for the map "Heatted Headdown" will be released later this week.

- 2 New car spawns were added for each faction

- The map has 2 new roads

- The spawns on the map now all face the middle

- Fixed floating crates around the map


Heroes patch 25/09/2023...

Sorry for the long wait heroes!

After some silence there's finally some news, we have just released a brand new update! In this update we have overhauled the menu a little to make it feel less empty. Most buttons that don't work or don't serve a purpose have been removed and the hot deals section has been added back a a static screen to let you know what's currently in the hot-deals rotation.
- Hot deals are back on the menu

- Fixed the more info button on hot deals to provide more info

- Fixed the in lobby shadow to not be off centered from the hero itself

- Added MC Ferocious' Getup Supplies on hot deals

- Added Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Getup Supplies on hot deals

- Nerfed Ray's Rainmaker

- Added Royal Cryo Pod on hot deals

- Added National Cryo Pod on hot deals

- Added National Intergalactic Drop on hot deals

- Added Royal Intergalactic Drop on hot deals

I hope to push more updates starting from today and advertise more on different platforms, i hope everyone enjoys these updates and are excited to see what's coming next. We have also recently made a brand new discord and we would like for everyone to join

Corporal Tommy Chester:

Heroes patch 09/02/2023...

Welcome back heroes!

Hello heroes! today's update is an interesting one where we bring back 2 long forgotten explosives, make sure to check them out!
Detailed changelog:
- Brought back Benny's Beehive Reworked

- Brought back Schroedinger's Nightmare Reworked

- Added the snow effect when being hit by the snow weapons for example Colin's Cooler

- Added the fire effect when being hit by the fire weapons for example Flannagan's Flame

- Nerfed Tom's Tear Trigger

- Nerfed Ray's Rainmaker

- Added back the water to Rusty Railroad

- Fixed the lagg issues on Heatted Headdown

- Added spawn points to the flags on Choju Charge

- Fixed the snow particles on Frosty Front

- Fixed an issue causing Choju Charge to crash loading some of the textures the map uses

Starting from now there'll be a server running on new maps 24/7 the rotation is as the following:Choju Charge Rusty Railroad Heatted Headdown Frosty Front

Commandant Heinrich von Schnitzel:

Small Update 30/01/2023...

Back to back heroes here we are again!

Back to back update! in this update we've decided to bring back fewer weapons and emotes that were once in the old Heroes. For the people that don't have enough VP there's a code at the bottom of this message!
Detailed changelog:
- Brought back Tom's tear launcher but slightly reworked

- Brought back Ray's Rainmaker but slightly reworked

- Brought back Sam's SAM

- Brought back Albert's anti-air arrow

- Fixed the Magic widgets that wouldn't appear in-game at first

- Brought back all the missing Grenade Launchers from special events/giftcards

- Added back the broomstick emote

Already used up all your vp and can't get the weapons? Don't worry here's a code! HA74-VYSG-6BFF-3V9G

Corporal Tommy Chester:

Game Update Menu and Map update....

We're finally back with another big update!

There is a brand new map once again Rusty Railroad, this one's still expiremental and we wish for feedback! With this update there's also alot of menu changes and other stability changes that should prevent client crashes
Detailed changelog:
- Removed treasure chest from menu

- Removed Workbench from menu

- Removed the randomize button from inventory

- Added the gamemode explained screen at the start of each match

- Updated the victory and lose screens

- Changed the End of Round screen back to the old one 2009-2013~

- Added a new experimental map called rusty railroad

- Fixed some of the crashes that happend upon joining game

Expect new updates soon! have fun heroes!


Game Update Released!...

Listen up Heroes!

The new Choju Charge update is finally here!
Alot of new things and changes came with this update such as prestige bar fixes and more
Make sure to check the detailed changelog in the discord!
Fight on Heroes!


Game Update Released!...

Listen up Heroes!

Our latest update is live!
Massive bugfixes and a lot of new features! The Phoenix Heroes developers have worked really hard! Make sure to check our the changelog on the forum!
Fight on Heroes!

Commandant Heinrich von Schnitzel:

Game Update Released!...

Listen up Heroes!

Our latest update is live!
Massive bugfixes and new features! Make sure to check our the changelog on the forum!
Fight on Heroes!

Commandant Heinrich von Schnitzel:

Hero Profiles released!...

Listen up Heroes!

You can now view your hero stats right here on the site!
The best stats! Isn't that worth fighting for?
Fight on Heroes!

Commandant Heinrich von Schnitzel:

Recruit a Friend! Rewards and limitations...

Listen up Heroes!

The fight is progressing slowly, thus HQ decided to offer rewards when you recruit your friends to the battlefield!
The rewards and rules can be seen on the recruit-a-friend page linked below.
See you on the battlefield Heroes!


Server Browser Update and Hot Deals!...


An update just released to the server browser! We completely overhauled how it looks and works so be sure to check it out.
We have also release the "Deal of the Day" on the site, find some exclusive items or normal items discounted there!
What are your opinions? Tell us on our forum!
Captain Shop:

November Update...


The November update just dropped from the design HQ. Check out the forum thread below for more information about what's new!

Commandant Heinrich von Schnitzel:

Server Browser Released!...

Listen up Heroes!

A feature that has been requested for a long time now, the server browser, has been released.

Now you can find your foes more easily across different servers. It's been a while since an update from us, but no worries we weren't colaborating. We are brewing more plans for our little community. You will hear more about it sooner or later. Don't keep this info to yourself, make sure to spread the word! We are counting on you, Heroes!

Deal of the Day

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