Recruit a friend

Do you have friends who want to join you in Phoenix Heroes?
From now on you can earn rewards for every friend you invite!

  • 1. Your Friend Joins

    Any friend who signs up using your personal referral link* connects to you, giving you both the opportunity to be rewarded!

  • 2. Play the Game

    When your new recruit's hero reaches level 7 you both get awesome rewards!

    • 1350 Valor Points for you!
    • XP Boost (3 day) for your friend!
  • 3. More Free VP!

    If your recruited friend reaches level 15, you both get rewarded again!

    • For you: 3500 Valor Points!
    • For your friend: 1000 Valor Points!

Note: Rewards are issued nightly, so there may be short delay between your friend’s achievements and your rewards.

Note 2: This is only valid for new accounts that make level 1 heroes.

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